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Edgewater Collective

By Laura Keegan

The City of Edgewater has waited a long time for this. We are thrilled to announce that Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, City Manager HJ Stalf and I signed the last of the agreements and finalized the sale of the property, commonly known as the “old King Soopers site or 20th and Depew,” to Littleton Capital Partners.

Ground breaking will begin shortly to bring our citizens and visitors a development that is uniquely designed with a variety of retailers for those looking for a special place to go where they can bring their family and friends. They will enjoy the food hall, restaurants, natural pet food store, bars, brewery, rooftop and outdoor gathering places — even an outdoor movie theater. There have been many recent stories in the Neighborhood Gazette on the entire concept, so I will not go into more details here on the Edgewater Public Market, but will refer those interested to the extensive article written by LCP and HJ Stalf in the Aug. 14 issue of the Neighborhood Gazette. This article, along with concept drawings, is available on the NGazette website.

It took much time to find the right fit for this “B” property, but Edgewater deserves the best, and the city staff, past councils, commissions, boards and current council believe you will find that the new Edgewater Public Market is well worth the wait. This property has been through several development proposals since Edgewater bought the property in 2002, none of which came to fruition nor were as Edgewater Perfect as this new development. This is so much more than we could have envisioned 10 years ago. Keep watching as the LCP project progresses and Edgewater Public Market becomes a new destination area for all. We welcome LCP to Edgewater!

On another note, as the colder weather sets in, here is some information from the Action Center:

The Action Center in Lakewood serves over 20,000 people throughout the year by providing basic human needs such as food, clothing, rental and utility assistance, and promotes pathways to self-sufficiency by utilizing resource connections. As they gear up to head into the holiday season, they are looking for community support. There are many ways to get involved with this great organization:

Learn more about the Action Center by taking a tour. To set up a tour, email You can donate and even help collect donations such as holiday foods and new toys for the Santa Shop. Volunteer, provide or donate services by emailing You can also donate cold weather clothing. All donations are needed. For more information visit You can also make a financial gift by visiting For questions call 303-237-7704.

Edgewater Mayor Laura Keegan can be reached at or 303-232-0745 (landline).