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Ask The Super

By Jason E. Glass, Ed.D.

Now that the funding bond was approved by voters, how do we move the conversation into other areas that need attention? In the last few months most of your answers have revolved around this important issue. But today in your outlook for 2019, what are you hopeful for? What non-funding issues can we expect to hear and read about?

We’ve worked to set the “north star” for Jeffco Public Schools on changing the student experience in learning so that we create authentic (real, and connected to the world), engaging (meaningful to the student and work that draws them in), and create the opportunity for students to practice important real-world skills.

On that last point, we call these “Generations Skills,” after our strategic visioning document “Jeffco Generations.” They include things such as creativity, complex problem solving, collaboration, effective written and oral communication, leadership, and adapting to changing conditions. While the basics and foundational factual information are still certainly important, it is what we do with the basic knowledge and facts that matters much more.

Bringing about this change in how students experience learning will be our singular focus for years to come. Imagine if we could create a school system that graduated thousands of Jeffco students who were really ready to compete and thrive in a global economy – this must be our goal!

As both superintendent of our public schools and a parent of Jeffco students, I am incredibly passionate and excited about this work. When it comes to where we must put our attention, this is the “main thing” and we intend to make breakthroughs on authentic and engaging learning experiences for students that really prepare them for the future.

Thank you.

Jason E. Glass, Ed.D., is the Superintendent & Chief Learner of Jeffco Public Schools;

If you have a question for our superintendent please submit it to or call it in to 303-999-5789.