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By Guy Nahmiach

So you’ve just enrolled your child into a Jeffco school. Now what?

Jeffco has created a network of websites that will facilitate paying bills, ordering services and even checking on attendance. This eliminates the need to take any time off from work and stand in line. Simply log on and navigate to the service you need from the comfort of your living room, kitchen or even your desk at work.

One link will get you started for all your needs: JeffcoPublicSchools.Org.

Once there, you can click on the orange Families tab which will take you to the Family Portal. This is the starting line for paying school fees on JeffcoConnect.

Grades, homework and attendance can be checked using InfiniteCampus. Visit the Nutrislice to find out the menu being served at your school’s cafeteria and SchoolCafe to pay for those meals. You might also want a direct link for Emergencies and School Closures.

Schoology is one of my favorites. Here you can find training tutorials to help students with their classes. It is also a venue for parents to ask questions on specific issues. This section is in its second year and I can tell you from personal experience how helpful it is.

You can use InfoFinder to track the nearest school, bus route and the time the bus is scheduled to stop by your home. Pretty amazing! Of course, we hope you actually go to your neighborhood school.

I know visiting a website is a departure from face-to-face interactions. However, it does not eliminate the options you have in going to the school office and asking your questions in person. Principals usually pride themselves on having a great front-office staff. After all, they are the first people you meet at every school. But when you start to have multiple kids in more than one school at a time, all the driving, parking and walking becomes a little old.

Jeffco School Messenger allows you to sign up for how you want to be communicated with. The options include text, home or cell phone and even email. This information, by the way, is offered in multiple languages.

And, on a more serious note, we have Safe2Tell, a way for you to anonymously report issues or incidents that concern or pose harm to you, your friends or your community. No it doesn’t mean that you can report your parents for bad lunches – I had to endure 10 years of making disgusting peanut-butter sandwiches.

The district has done a great job in making these important services available online. They are breaking down language barriers, technology preferences and just making the overall process user-friendly. Take a deep breath, let it go and smile – it’s  going to be an awesome year!