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band and picnickersPICNICKERS ENJOY THE MUSIC OF COAL TOWN REUNION next to the Sloan’s Lake marina at Jamming on the Jetty, July 7. PHOTO BY LAURIE DUNKLEE.

By Laurie Dunklee

I’m seeing lots of our neighbors. It’s great to get to know people,” said Jessica Schurr, a resident of Sloan’s Lake neighborhood, as she perused the crowd at the annual Jamming on the Jetty at Sloan’s July 7.

Picnickers settled on the grass and boaters floated in the marina to hear local bands Coal Town Reunion and the Dyrty Byrds. In all, several hundred people attended the third annual event.

Neighbors meeting neighbors is the purpose of Jamming on the Jetty, said organizer AJ Steinke, a Realtor and new president of the Sloan’s Lake Citizen’s Group.

“We want people to know their neighborhood businesses too, so they can shop local,” said Steinke.

More than two dozen area businesses – from restaurants to retail stores to the local dentist – were on hand under tents along the jetty.

Dist. 1 City Councilman Rafael Espinoza was glad to see the activity in the park.

“It’s nice to see the $4.2 million jetty put to use,” he said. “This kind of community event draws attention to the need to better fund the maintenance of our parks.”

  Later in the day, festivities came to an abrupt close when an unexpected rain storm pelted the area. High winds mangled many of the tents and blew merchandise into the lake.