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By Ali Lasell

Happy New Year! I hope everyone – students, staff, families and neighbors – had a wonderful break, and we’re all revived and ready to return to the great work of educating our future!

Over the break, I reflected on where we are as a district, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading – and I couldn’t be more hopeful and excited about Jeffco’s direction. Our district saw many changes this past year. Our Board hired new Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass, whose vision, direction, and strong leadership inspire and motivate. Our voters re-elected Ron, Brad, and Susan, showing clear confidence in our board and solidifying the stability Jeffco needs to make progress for students. Dr. Glass has already enhanced the Jeffco 2020 Vision, now called Jeffco Generations, clarifying our focus on Student Learning, Conditions for Learning, and Readiness for Learning. With enhancements to the short- and long-term strategic plan, this Vision is actively becoming reality, ALIVE in our classrooms!

As we celebrate accomplishments of students, educators, and schools, we will also continue to address challenges together. I’m excited to share that our students outperformed the state in each Language Arts CMAS standardized test at every grade level! We had the same positive results in Math, with the exception of 8th grade. (Note: About a third of Jeffco’s 8th grade students are counted in the Algebra 1 and Geometry results, so our 8th grade results do not include our most advanced students.) We also saw impressive growth scores for our students. Two Jeffco schools, Wheat Ridge Articulation Area’s Pennington and Kullerstrand, received the Center of Excellence Award, meaning they educate a high percentage of at-risk students and showed the highest rates of growth. Congratulations to Prospect Valley and Vivian for winning the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for their growth scores, and a shout out to The Manning School for being a John Irwin School of Excellence, demonstrating excellent academic achievement. As a Board, we recognized Everitt for winning a grant for a $100,000 fitness room, and Wheat Ridge High School’s STEM program for earning first place in the Shell Eco-Marathon for second time in three years with their hydrogen fuel car! So many great things are happening in all of our schools!

As I discussed Jeffco and New Year’s resolutions with my family, we decided to do monthly community service projects together. I would love to hear your recommendations, and look forward to sharing our experiences and more great learning opportunities happening in our schools.

Ali Lasell is the 1st Vice President of the Jeffco School Board. Questions for this guest writer or suggestions for future guest writers should be sent in to