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By Guy Nahmiach

Things you want, things you wish for … hope to be. Improving, reducing and, perhaps, changing all together. New year’s resolutions.

The Wheat Ridge Recreation Center welcomes a huge number of “get fitter,” “lose weight” and “gain muscle” crowds in the first couple of months of the year. It causes our annual “expansion/addition” conversation. Parents make all kinds of promises to each other and their children. But life gets in the way sometimes and while I’m not saying it’s impossible to change, Robert Plant sings about the “two paths you can go by, but there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

When it comes to this special breed of humans whom we call educators, they clearly sacrifice a life of wealth for small wages but huge gains in emotional currency. Resolutions take on a whole new meaning. I asked a few of them what they had in mind for a new year’s resolution, what it is that they hoped for in this new year. I knew I wasn’t going to get anything “normal” but I certainly didn’t expect this:

Scott Allensworth 

(Community Superintendent)

I hope for the Wheat Ridge area students to matriculate through the articulation area as productive positive citizens and we educate them to be successful contributing members of our community. I also hope we provide the skills and relationships for students to live their life goals.

Brenda Carlson

(Community Superintendent)

Students involved/empowered. By giving students more control over their assignments and activities, they will hopefully take ownership of their education and use their talents and interests in a positive way. Embrace the Jeffco Generations. 

Karen Quanbeck

(Chief of Schools – Elementary)

My resolution is to push myself to consider the “user perspective” in any design process or work at a systems level. For example, if we are designing something for teachers, we need to consider the teacher needs and perspective. Innovation only works when it meets the needs of the user and helps us do something better. Shiny, new, creative is fun. Shiny, new, creative and it creates a better experience or remedies a pain point is fun and sustainable.

Beverly Haynie

(Prospect Valley Principal)

I am resolved to do whatever I can to make a positive lasting impact on someone in my school every day – to offer kindness, spread acceptance, cultivate joy, encourage and empower.

Jeena Templeton

(The Manning School Principal)

My New Year’s resolution is to learn and grow with and from my school community and to create systems of experiences for staff and students to learn and grow together. Our priority as a staff this year has been to learn from one another, and we have become an even closer family of learners that challenge each other’s thinking, hold one another accountable, take calculated risks, reflect on our practices; create, design and innovate together; and grow from our collective wisdom. I am resolute in my conviction to see that work culminate in Manning becoming a responsive, efficient and sustainable learning organization committed to striving and reaching to be the best possible stewards of our students’ tremendous potential.

TJ McManus

(Stevens Elementary Principal)

My resolution for this year is to transition from an environment where we promised and delivered a meaningful and relevant curriculum to a place where these are now expected and is the norm here at Stevens. A place where every student is excited about coming to school and expects to learn something that will change their lives.

Clearly these community superheroes are wired differently. Personally, I woke up on January 1st with one thing in mind: ’19 is the year I finally buy myself a scooter. But then we can all be thrilled that the fate of a generation’s education doesn’t rest on my shoulders. Of course, I’m kidding, but perhaps, we can each include in our own resolutions to thank an educator a few more times this year. Certainly a currency that that doesn’t get used enough. Happy New Year!

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