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School Crossing

By Guy Nahmiach

As the school year closes down we say goodbye and a huge thank you to Mike Collins and Ian Stone, principals of Prospect Valley and Maple Grove elementary schools, who are retiring this spring. Their incredible work and dedication to student achievement, creating a welcoming environment and, of course, their indirect contribution to home values have been very much appreciated.

For years we’ve heard other communities accuse Prospect Valley and Maple Grove of having the easy task of educating the “rich kids” when in fact we know that learning behaviors and potentials are not directly tied to the economic situation at home. Positive environments where good behavior is expected and where all students thrive and grow are very much present in both schools. There is support from the community with very active parents in and out of the classrooms. While both schools attracted a large number of families from outside their neighborhoods, Maple Grove reached a point where buying a home down the street was pretty much the only way in, while Prospect Valley had a more balanced mixture of neighbors and families traveling in from outside the neighborhood. It also has had its share of students from a socio economic disadvantaged background.

Incoming principals will be Beverly Haynie (currently the assistant principal at D’Evelyn) for Prospect Valley and Christopher Neville (currently a principal in Douglas County) for Maple Grove. I will be interviewing both in coming issues of the Neighborhood Gazette.

While Both Collins and Stone are retiring, I doubt that this is the final chapter in education for either. Much thanks for everything they brought to our community and best wishes in their futures.