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By Sally Griffin

Sitting at a fairly new, locally-owned coffee shop in Wheat Ridge with Dominick Breton is an interesting experience. I am here to interview him, yet what he wants to talk about is what is happening in Wheat Ridge. And he should know, because he is on the board of no less than four important organizations in Wheat Ridge. He is President of the Kiwanis, Program Director for the Wheat Ridge Grange, Board Member for the Carnation Festival and new Board Member of the Wheat Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

While we are having coffee, he points out several people who are involved in helping Wheat Ridge thrive. And, this is obviously what he wants. As the coffee shop becomes busier, he points out how well the coffee shop is doing and reiterates that, whenever possible, he makes a point of supporting and buying from Wheat Ridge-based businesses. He is clearly delighted when the coffee shop becomes so busy that we give up our seats to other patrons. He then takes me to see the Wheat Ridge Business Coop, where he goes to work on projects, and to show me what he has planned for the front area of the Wheat Ridge Grange Hall.

He is an enthusiastic promoter and loves being part of helping Wheat Ridge grow and thrive. He went to school in Wheat Ridge. He used the food share program when he was a kid. His parents still live in Wheat Ridge. His service in Boy Scouts was honored by the Wheat Ridge Kiwanis youth recognition program. He and his family were, and still are, active members of the Wheat Ridge Grange. From an early age he was volunteering at the Grange. He credits these youthful experiences with his interest in giving back to his community. Both Kiwanis and the Grange are near and dear to his heart, because they promote programs for children and for families.

He affirms several times during the interview that Wheat Ridge is unique with lots of things that you can do. He then talks about the Carnation Festival. He joined the board because it offers an event that is uniquely Wheat Ridge and, as he says, “It gives back so much to Wheat Ridge.” He also notes that this all-volunteer board works for a whole year to plan the event that benefits service clubs and the Wheat Ridge schools and their extracurricular activities.

When I ask about himself, he talks about how important the Grange is to him. He wants the Grange to become a vital part of the community, particularly for families in the community. There are several organizations, including the 4-H Club, that are currently renting out the Grange Hall. He sees the Grange Hall as a great place for the community to come together. That’s why he wanted to show me how he wants to redo to front to include a handicapped ramp, a neon sign and a fenced-in patio with comfortable seating under a pergola.

He would like to increase the Wheat Ridge Kiwanis membership to 25 members. He loves that they are out in the community making a difference, having an impact. He thinks they can do even more. Kiwanis members develop leadership skills, meet other great people, and meet people who have a sense of purpose. There are a large variety of projects, so people can find something that matches their passion. In other words, he sees no reason for people not to join him at the Wheat Ridge Kiwanis club.

Dominick is excited to have the Chamber back up and running. He says the Chamber is another great resource for the community and can be a big help to the small businesses that he loves in Wheat Ridge. He knows that he personally would like to see more small businesses in Wheat Ridge. Amazingly, this young man is only in his early thirties. In addition to all his other duties, he also believes that he can recruit more young people to join him in supporting his community.

“Wheat Ridge is becoming younger, but those my age have not become involved in service clubs,” he says. “Everybody needs to find their passion, have a sense of community and get involved, get to know people.” If there is anyone with a sense of community in Wheat Ridge, someone whose passion is Wheat Ridge, it would be Dominick Breton.

If you would like to know more about any of Dominick’s activities, he says he is accessible to communicate with any Wheat Ridge resident. This enthusiastic Wheat Ridge promoter can be reached at 303-919-2680 or at