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Letter to the Editor

Dear Wheat Ridge Community,

My son, Skyler Cooper Holland, was hit and killed on Friday, Oct. 6, on Wadsworth Boulevard and Wide Acre Road. The tragedy is devastating to our family. It will take time to soften the shock. His loss will always be with us. Skyler was quiet and fun loving. He was a deep thinker who often presented insightful and thoughtful ideas for problems that he perceived around him. I can only imagine the awesome adult he would have been. He would have been an advocate for a kinder humanity.

In all this sadness I have been overwhelmed by the Wheat Ridge community’s support. I have to say that people I knew, people I was acquainted with, and people I didn’t know came forward in support and kindness and compassion. Considering the divisive nature of our country, it is comforting to know that the Wheat Ridge community IS a community. Many people were there for me. A few stand out as outstanding.

The BCS Community Credit Union provided water, Kleenex, and access to their restroom after hours on the day Skyler died. Christian Mucilli, who witnessed the accident, stopped in the hopes of providing first aid, and attended every memorial event for Skyler.

Courtney Kline, a Wilmore Davis mother, set up a Go Fund Me page to help support me and Skyler’s father financially. The Wilmore Davis Elementary School teachers and staff were genuinely saddened and able to honor Skyler and support his sister, Billie, during this time.

Clancy’s, particularly Jeff Hurlburt and Joe DeMott, orchestrated a fundraiser to support expenses. The Michael Collins Pipe Band played a bagpipe tribute at Clancy’s to honor Skyler’s memory. The Wild Mountain Band continued the entertainment at Clancy’s. Colorado Plus and Right Coast Pizza helped support the success of the fundraiser at Clancy’s by handing out flyers to their customers. The Wheat Ridge city council announced the Clancy’s fundraiser during a meeting.

Brian Billmaier of Praying Mantis Tattoo generously donated memorial tattoos for me and Skyler’s dad. The Office Max in Arvada (53rd and Wadsworth) was very generous with their services, time and expertise.

There are more that elude me. Certainly during my deepest moments of sorrow I was unaware of the kindness around me. To those I failed to mention, I thank you.

Rosalind Cooper, Wheat Ridge