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By Patricia Lilliston

In year two on the job, John Pughes remains the solo staff member in the Mountain View Public Works Department. During a recent conversation at the town hall, Public Works Director Pughes discussed current and future town projects and business development, and offered a few reminders for residents.

“In the past year, a good deal of project preparation and work has occurred in the town,” reflects Pughes.

In April, the first phase of the spring town clean up was underway with multiple rollaways available at the town hall.

Pughes admits, ”It is hard to manage the timeline for residential trash drops during this annual program. Rollaways tend to fill up quickly.” Pughes reassures that if dumpsters are full, residents should wait as additional rollaways are always scheduled.

Another noticeable short-term spring undertaking was the Xcel Energy project on Eaton Street. This restoration project required the removal and replacement of main lines and the relocation of residential gas meters.

Pughes states, “Xcel anticipates completion of this project by early May when 40 holes are filled along Eaton Street. The company has no other job proposals in Mountain View for 2018.”

With regard to community business development, Pughes indicates, “Plans have been approved, permits pulled and work has begun to convert the existing building at 5600 W. 44th Ave. into dental offices. At this time, the completion timeline is unknown.”

“Preparation and planning for the rehabilitation of the Mountain View sanitary sewer system is moving forward,” offers Pughes. He indicates that a needs assessment for the rehabilitation project is complete. State funding loan and grant applications have been submitted.

“A public meeting will be held this summer to inform the community regarding all aspects of the sewer and storm drainage project,” declares Pughes.

Pughes says that there are very few reoccurring issues within the community. He does gently remind property owners to be vigilant of sidewalk and driveway areas to prevent tripping hazards. Removal of mattresses and large furniture items are also the responsibility of residents. In addition, property owners must remove graffiti.

Community members need to contact Pughes for information to arrange for the removal of large household items. Additionally, graffiti concerns should be reported to Pughes. He can provide a cleaning solvent for a timely clean up.

As a final thought, Pughes comments, “The Mountain View residents are pretty cooperative and supportive. I recognize many by face. A lot of people wave to me, which I accept as a friendly gesture.”

For additional or related information, contact Public Works Director John Pughes at

Happy Anniversary, Lady Bug Library

On May 15, 2017, the Mountain View Little Free Library, located on the North side of the town hall, was installed and registered. Red and black in color and distinguished with a decorative ladybug on its door, the Lady Bug Library has flourished in the first year of operation.

Owing to the recurrent trades and generous multiple book donations by the community, the steward visits the library on Friday to tidy, remove, clean and stamp donated books. Shelves are replenished with the prior week’s offerings to make 40 titles regularly available for youthful and adult readers.

To celebrate a successful first year, visit the Lady Bug Library to choose your next best title.

Voter Reminder: Colorado Open Primary

In 2016, voters passed a ballot initiative allowing unaffiliated voters the opportunity to cast a vote to help choose the state’s nominees for major political parties.

Therefore, on Tuesday, June 26, the first open primary will be held in Colorado. Eligible voters who aren’t registered with either major political party will be able to participate in the election.

In early June, registered voters can expect to receive their ballot in the mail. Unaffiliated voters will receive two ballots, one for each major political party, but should select one ballot to vote and return.

Unaffiliated voters submitting a ballot will remain unaffiliated. However, state law requires that the political party of the returned ballot will be entered as the voter’s record.