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By Patricia Lilliston

Sarah Albright has served as the Town Clerk and Treasurer of Mountain View since March 2015. In a recent conversation, Albright shared her education, work experience, professional challenges and goals while conveying her commitment to public service.

Albright acknowledges that her interest in public service evolved during the 14 years she worked for the municipality of Granby, Colo. While living in Granby, she assumed the positions of administrative assistant, court clerk and deputy clerk. In 2013, Albright completed the Clerk Institute program from the University of Colorado, Boulder, to earn the distinction of Certified Municipal Clerk, or CMC.

“My years of administrative experience in the private business sector, customer service background, organizational skills, and professional work ethic are skills that I apply in my job. As the Town Clerk and Treasurer of Mountain View, I wear many hats,” reflects Albright.

In addition to attending to the daily operations of the town hall, Albright is the custodian of the municipal records, which means all town files, purchase, license and contract agreements, building permits, town resolutions and ordinances. The work day routine includes interaction with the community, staff, council members, local vendors and business owners. 

“Although I plan a daily to-do list, my responsibilities and schedule usually causes me to adjust my attention to something not on my list,” declares Albright. “This is a challenge, but a chance to see what I can get done during the work day.”

  In her position, Albright assists as the clerk for the town council. She schedules meeting dates, prepares the agenda and meeting materials, takes and transcribes the minutes for regular, special or study council sessions and periodic public hearings.

During an election year, Albright coordinates the election calendar with Jefferson County authorities. For the Mountain View mayor and council elections, she initiates community notification, generates candidate nomination and petition information, verifies petition signatures and organizes new council member training.

“The transition after a community election has always been interesting to me. This is an opportunity to become aware of different leadership styles and council member personalities,” notes Albright.

  As the town treasurer, Albright administers, maintains and retains the municipal fiscal records. This requires overseeing the daily cash receipts, bank transactions, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and quarterly residential maintenance billing. Albright meets monthly with the town council finance committee and quarterly with the town accountant to review the town’s financial status.

Presently, Albright is taking courses for certification as a Masters Municipal Clerk, or MMC.

“Public service offers me the feeling of accomplishment. My professional goal is to serve as a mentor so I can share my knowledge and my enthusiasm for public service.”  As a final thought, Albright adds, “I invite residents to attend the council and community meetings or drop by the Town Hall at 4176 Benton St. This is the best way to become involved in the Mountain View community.”

Town Trivia

When does the town council appoint officers and employees? Which town employees subscribe to an oath in support of the U.S. and state constitutions? Who is the custodian of the Seal of the Town of Mountain View?

Documented in the Mountain View Town Charter and the Town Code are specifics regarding the appointment, oath, powers and duties of town officers, employees and appointed officials.

For answers, access the Mountain View website at Reference Government to view the Town Charter, Article VI, “Appointed Officials” and the Town Code, Article 3, “Officers and Employees.”

Colorado Voter Registration

In Colorado, to be eligible to vote in the June open primary and November general election, an individual must be a United States citizen, lived in the state for 22 days prior to Election Day, 16 years of age, but 18 years old by Election Day.

Eligible Colorado residents can register to vote by mail, email, fax or in person at various locations including the Department of Revenue and the Division of Motor Vehicles.

For email and fax options, a voter registration form, and additional contact information visit