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By Patricia Lilliston

The Mountain View Firestone, 4392 Eaton St., has occupied the same site since May 1, 1961. During a recent interview, store manager Eric Sechrist spoke about history, aspects of the corporate organization and offered service suggestions for car owners.

“When the Firestone store was established over 50 years ago in Mountain View, only two other Firestone facilities existed in the metro area with one store found on Colfax and another pinpointed at 8th and Speer,” revealed Sechrist.

Today the Mountain View Firestone offers complete auto care for the community and customers from the Arvada, Wheat Ridge and metro Denver areas. “We also have motorist traveling along I-70 come into the store for emergency automotive attention and repair,” notes Sechrist.

Sechrist states that the majority of the car care centers across the United States are owned by the Firestone Tire Company corporate office. “The philosophy of the corporate organization supports the belief that customers are considered and treated as the boss and the boss is ultimately right,” reflects Sechrist.

Sechrist embraces the corporate philosophy. “I am here to help the customer. As the store manager, my biggest reward is to earn my customer’s trust and gain satisfied, happy, repeat patrons.”

Employed at the Mountain View Firestone since 2012, and advancing to the position of store manager two years ago, Sechrist has professional experience as a baker, computer technician and automotive parts manager. Now he welcomes customers and supervises the service and tire managers and the store’s four automotive technicians.

Sechrist admits that his greatest challenge is one of educating customers about car care matters to better help them understand and appreciate specific maintenance requirements and repair. He offers suggestions for those bringing a car into any automotive maintenance and repair business.

“To assure the best car performance, keep up with the manufactured maintenance requirements. Provide as much initial information about the car and the potential problem as possible. Ask questions to clarify the intended automotive procedure. The more that is covered in advance, the better the outcome,” confirms Sechrist.

Sechrist recalls one appointment when a customer brought in a car and referred to the problematic rear-end noise as the sound made by Cookie Monster. He wrote the owner’s exact description into the service order. Based on this description, the technician knew immediately the issue and was successfully able to make the necessary repair. 

For store hours or to schedule an appointment for car maintenance, repair or tires at the Mountain View Firestone, visit the website,, or call 303-422-3406.

Harvey S. Firestone, American Industrialist

The American industrialist Harvey Samuel Firestone is best known for the development of the automobile tire manufacturing company, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Born on Dec. 20, 1868, in the small town of Columbiana, Ohio, Firestone, the son of a prosperous farmer, is regarded among the top 10 businessmen in American history. 

After graduation from Columbiana High School, Firestone worked for the Columbus Buggy Company in Columbus, Ohio. In 1890, he established his own company to manufacture rubber tires for carriages. After a decade in the carriage tire business, Firestone realized the potential for marketing tires for automobiles and shifted his attention to the automotive tire industry.

With a vision to develop and mass produce a tire to reduce the jar and jolt of the steel-shod wheel, in 1900 Firestone bought an old factory building in Akron, Ohio and pioneered the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. The company became pivotal in mass producing the pneumatic or air-filled tire.

In 1906, Firestone received and fulfilled an order from Henry Ford for thousands of manufactured tires for installation on the Ford company’s first American mass-produced automobiles. This initial business connection not only thrust the Firestone company to the top of the American tire industry, but also formed the foundation for a continued business and lifelong friendship between the two men.

By the time of his death, Firestone was widely known as the owner of a nationwide chain of retail stores and acknowledged as a world leader in tire production. Firestone died on Feb. 7, 1938, in Miami Beach, Fla.

Are You Prepared for the 2018 Election?

On Nov. 6, a general election will held in Colorado. Voted upon will be Colorado’s executive officers as well as the seven seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Voter registration in Colorado is simple. Colorado residents can register to vote by mail, email, fax or in person at locations throughout the state including the Department of Revenue and the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Be prepared to vote in November. Register now.