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By Patricia Lilliston

Several Jefferson County and RTD programs offer seasonal, one-time or ongoing assistance and service. The Action Center, Meals on Wheels, AARP Tax-Aide, and Access-A-Ride provide support for individuals, families and seniors in the metro area.

The Action Center offers intervention and self-sufficiency programs. Homeless and emergency utility assistance is available. Seasonal services include the distribution of supplies, food and gifts to meet back to school requirements, and the hope for a Thanksgiving or December holiday. Self-select grocery, clothing, personal care, household banks, and connections with Outreach partners are additional program services.

To receive services at the Action Center, one must be a resident of Jefferson County or homeless. Prior to participation, a photo ID, proof of residency, and birth certificates for children must be presented. The Action Center is located at 8755 W. 14th Ave. in Lakewood. To initiate service, call 720-215-4850.

Meals on Wheels will deliver a hot and nutritious noon meal daily to the homebound or those in Jefferson County unable to prepare a balanced meal. Meals consist of meat, fish or a casserole, vegetables, fruit, bread, margarine, dessert and beverage. Attention is given for diabetic or critical food necessities. In addition to safeguarding malnutrition, the delivery driver helps to monitor the client’s daily well-being.

This program is funded through direct donations from the client, their relative or friend, the United Way, and individual or group fundraising donations. To inquire about receiving meals, call 304-725-1601 between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Tax-Aide offers free, individual assistance with tax preparation to taxpayers with particular attention for those 60 and older. IRS-certified volunteers are available on a walk-in schedule through April 14, at the Arvada, Standley Lake, Belmar and Golden libraries.

Seniors should bring previous year’s tax return, social security card, photo ID, and pertinent 2017 tax-related information to the AARP Tax-Aide site. The Arvada Library, located in Olde Town at 7525 W. 57th Ave., allocates space for this service. For additional information, visit

Access-a-Ride is an RTD (Regional Transportation District) option that provides local travel service in the Denver metro area for individuals with disabilities. Access-a-Ride is available during the same days and hours as the RTD local bus service. The transport service involves curbside, door to door, and if requested, driver assistance for passengers who make regular trips to the same destination.

To qualify for Access-a-Ride, one of two requirements must be met. Commuters need to be unable to get to and from a bus stop, board independently a lift-equipped bus or be unable to complete the bus trip unaided. A functional evaluation and physician’s statement is needed to verify the disability. To learn more, call 303-299-2960.

Would you or a neighbor benefit from one or more of these available resources? If not, donations of money or time is accepted. Call. Give. Volunteer.

February – The Month of Transition and Celebration

The month of February is clearly considered a transitional month. A seasonal shift in the air begins to stir, serving as a reminder that spring is coming. In addition, the second month of the year, although fewer in the number of days than other months, holds notable calendar dates prompting opportunity for recognition and celebration.

Since 1976, the month of February is celebrated as Black History Month. Carter Godwin Woodson initially created the first Negro History Week in Washington, D.C., in February of 1926. Born in 1875, the son of former slaves, Woodson was a noted African-American scholar, educator, historian and publisher.

Woodson realized that the role of his people in American history was either ignored or misrepresented by scholars. He believed that education and increased social and professional contacts among blacks and whites would help eliminate racism. Considered the “Father of Black History,” Woodson died on April 3, 1950.

  Two days after the much-celebrated worldwide day of romance, Valentine’s Day, arrives the festive holiday of the Lunar New Year on Feb. 16. For Chinese communities around the world, the lunar new year is the most important and most festive holiday of the year.

With a calendar dating from the third millennium BCE, the earlier celebration was a period when farmers were allowed to rest; family members would then travel to celebrate with loved ones and cheer the old year and welcome in the new.

Today, the day is tagged as the Spring Festival with gifts, food feasts, firecrackers and seasonal good wishes bestowed among the merrymakers.

With the March calendar looming, February will soon transition into spring  Be advised: “Beware the Ides of March.”

Power to the Polls – Colorado Voter Registration

On Jan. 20, women in cities nationwide gathered, raised their signs and marched to champion a collaborative theme of Power to the Polls. The 2018 Women’s March heartens the need to increase voter participation though the registration of new voters.

Voter registration in Colorado is simple. Colorado residents can register to vote by mail, email, fax or in person at locations throughout the state including the Department of Revenue and the Division of Motor Vehicles.

To be eligible to register to vote in Colorado, an individual must be a U.S. citizen, lived in the state for 22 days immediately before the election, 16 years of age, but 18 years or older by the date of the election at which you intend to vote. Eligible residents cannot be serving a sentence or on parole for a felony conviction.

To register to vote in person, visit one of the following locations. The Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder office is located at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 2560, in Golden; call 303-271-2560. The Jefferson County Elections Division is found on 2500 Illinois St., Suite 1100, in Golden; call 303-271-8111. In addition, all Division of Motor Vehicle locations will assist with voter registration.

For email and fax options, a Colorado voter registration form, and additional contact information visit

Nationally, millions of people don’t vote every election because they missed a registration deadline. Register today. Vote.