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By Patricia Lilliston

An Arvada couple was overheard commenting on their recent local eastbound travel along 44th Avenue from Wadsworth to Sheridan Boulevard. Enthusiastic comments included the verbiage “amazing,” “such an improvement,” and “great job.” Who could imagine that the ardent comments regarding the 44th Avenue resurfacing project were generated during an October women’s fundraising event in Olde Town Arvada?

Originally announced to Mountain View residents and businesses in June, the repair and maintenance of 44th Avenue was anticipated as a two-week project, tentatively scheduled for September or October. The street project established the resolution and partnership with Wheat Ridge, Lakeside and Mountain View for both the infrastructure undertaking and funding.

According to John Pughes, Mountain View Public Works Director, the project began in early October and was completed ahead of schedule with all aspects moving along smoothly.

Pughes also notes that the cooperation among the three municipalities was significant.

“Wheat Ridge led the project management aspect of the undertaking, but all three municipalities worked well together so the project could be completed in a timely manner,” said Pughes.

“This was a long overdue project. The results of the 44th Avenue resurfacing is great for business and the traveling public.”

Fall Town Clean Up

“And all at once summer collapsed into fall,” stated Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet and playwright.

As a testament to this truth, the annual Mountain View Town Fall Clean Up appears on the November community calendar. In early November, multiple trash receptacles were available at the Town Hall. Scheduled now, and with weather permitting, Thursday, Nov. 16, is the target date for the community street sweep with an alternate date planned for Monday, May 20.

In addition to participation in the seasonal community program, now is the ideal time for residents and businesses to appraise their property and tackle necessary fall maintenance tasks. 

For instance, autumn gutter cleaning is not only practical, but a seasonal necessity in maintaining adequate drainage. With the accumulation of leaf and shrub debris, raking will not only serve as a fall landscape perk, but a preventative measure to avoid potential lawn mold, rodent or pest infestation.

By pruning broken or dead tree branches and shrubs, plants are winterized and prepared for the more dormant months. Ultimately, completion of this chore will encourage spring plant growth. Seasonal planting can also offer a burst of color during this transitional time.

To add moisture and help filter nutrients into the ground, autumn is an excellent opportunity for lawn aeration. Mulching fallen leaves will insulate plants and shrubs. A final lawn mow will help to eliminate moisture buildup. Finally, applying a fall lawn fertilizer helps the ecosystem survive when the temperature drops, and again, assist in optimal spring lawn growth.

Lastly, to facilitate an efficient community street sweep, please do not clear any yard debris into the alley, curb or street. Residents should remember to move vehicles from the street by 8 a.m. on the day of street sweeping.

Contact John Pughes, Public Works Director, at for additional information regarding the Town Fall Clean Up, code enforcement or to answer questions regarding removal of appliances, mattresses or large furniture items.

Shop Locally

With the holiday shopping days now in countdown mode, ideas and organizational checklists begin to clarify need, want and desire. Do you realize the need for a dog holiday photo, day care or overnight boarding? Does someone on your gift list want a membership to a local gym? Will the annual family gathering be hosted at your home creating the desire for food preparation in a kitchen other than your own?

Visit the 19 unique shops along 44th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard to satisfy your holiday checklist. Access and convenient parking is readily available. Each location is distinct in its product offering or service. Business owners and managers are friendly and knowledgeable. Restaurants provide dining-in or take-out selections. Gift certificates, stocking stuffers, and personal or household gifts and services can be found at our Mountain View businesses.

For a listing of all businesses and retail contact information, refer to the Business and Development section of the Mountain View website,