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By Patricia Lilliston

Whether you prefer to vote at a precinct polling site, or mail a completed ballot, Mountain View voters need to be prepared for Tuesday, Nov. 7, Election Day. This November, three candidates will appear on the ballot for Mountain View’s top leadership position: Jeff Kiddie, Glenn Levy and Jon Richardson vie for the position of Mayor of Mountain View.

Recently, all three candidates agreed to individual interviews, and responded to topics including the desire for seeking the office, the challenges facing the community, experience and leadership skills.

Jeff Kiddie

A Mountain View resident for 60 years, involved in local public service for 25 years, and a business owner, incumbent Mayor Jeff Kiddie states, “I want to continue as the mayor of our community to see that the infrastructure plan introduced to residents at the Town Hall meeting in June 2017, becomes a reality. I also see more involvement from residents at town meetings and events, and I want to build upon their participation.”

Kiddie acknowledges that the town’s infrastructure, which he clarifies as the street, gutter and sidewalk areas, is the most challenging project for town government. Kiddie expresses his concern for the condition of the town’s waterline system not only from the mainline structure, but leading into the residential meter box.

“I am very familiar with town codes, resolutions, and ordinances. I understand the need and the importance of finding funds and grants for the project. I want to see this project through.”

Kiddie describes his leadership style as collaborative with a desire to partner with residents and business owners, council members and staff.

“I am open minded at town council meetings, study sessions, and public forums. I highly value the input from residents, staff and council committees in making decisions.”

Glenn Levy

Living in Mountain View for 10 years, a current town council member since 2015, and self-employed, mayoral candidate Glenn Levy affirms, “I’m running for mayor because the status quo and solutions of the past are inadequate for the challenges we face today. I believe we need a new, proactive approach to managing our town.”

Levy defines his approach as the SMART choice: Smart and Balanced Growth, Making Mountain View sustainable, Activating the community, fostering Responsive government, and enhancing Town revitalization.

Levy recognizes the town’s aging infrastructure, the need to diversify the tax base, and the importance for residents to become stakeholders as the main challenges facing the community. Levy emphasizes that he is aware and understands the complexity of these challenges. He states that his professional knowledge and experience will serve him well when he works to solidify the town’s finances, re-develops vacant commercial sites, and addresses the requirements for infrastructure improvement.

Levy offers that his leadership style will provide a new vision for the town. He considers himself a problem solver, creative and knowledgeable, and a competent communicator.

“I will lead the town towards much needed diversification and growth by bringing in the right experts to steer the discussion, and by asking the most relevant questions so that the town council and our residents can understand the issues and make the best possible decisions for the town’s future.”

Jon Richardson

A resident in Mountain View for five years, currently a town council member, and local business owner, mayoral candidate Jon Richardson expresses, “I am running for mayor of Mountain View because it is important for me to be involved in the community where my wife and I are raising our three kids. I want to create the best Mountain View, not only for my own family, but for all the families.”

Richardson believes that the biggest challenge for the municipality is establishing and maintaining a sustainable economic growth and development plan. With a focus on sustainability, and long-term budget planning, Richardson says that the essential infrastructure projects, the repair and maintenance of the streets, gutters, alleys and water drainage systems, will be adequately funded and completed in a timely manner.

Richardson sees himself as a collaborative leader who is dedicated to teamwork to ensure that staff, council and residents work together.

“The town needs a strong leader that is trusted by the residents and employees of Mountain View. I am enthusiastic about our town, and I will bring a young energy to the town leadership. I see our town as small, but diverse. I will be a leader for all residents.”

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