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Three years ago the doors opened at Joyride Brewing, bringing our city of Edgewater together through creative craft brews. Despite not knowing if a single person would show up when they launched in 2014, our city and surrounding neighborhoods have kept them busy with more growth in the first year than the founders Dave Bergen, Grant Babb and Brent Smith anticipated would happen in five.

But, what is the story behind this business that started with tasty brewed experiments in an Edgewater basement? Lee Stiffler-Meyer and myself sat down with Grant and Dave on the Reimagined Table podcast to ask about their history, creativity, and their passion for our community, including why they are growing their pub in our city and not through beer distribution. They also share why Colorado is such a hotspot for beer – it isn’t simply because a cold brew is so delightful in front of a Sloan’s Lake sunset after a day of hiking. Speaking of sunsets, we find out if that promised rooftop is actually coming our way!

You can listen to the Reimagined Table podcast by visiting –Lilly Steirer