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By Joel Newton

Edgewater welcomes its newest restaurant to 5350 W. 25th Ave., Wine Beer Fat. Here is our interview with chef and co-owner Dan Moir. 

How did you get involved in this business?

I have always had a love of foods and drinks along with my adventurous wife’s (Bilikisu) push, I quit my job in 2009 and went to culinary school. Due to unplanned life events, Bilikisu being laid off from her corporate job, I went back to my previous job. When our daughter, Kimberly, was ready to head to college, Bili’s entrepreneur skill set kicked in and pushed our family to pursue our own restaurant to excite my passion of foods and drinks and Bili’s passion for people. The active process to open took approximately 16 months with seven years of planning and evaluating.  

What drew you to move to Edgewater? 

While looking throughout the Denver metro area for a rental space, we had a vision of a place that would be integrated into a lively and vibrant neighborhood. We wanted to be a walkable, family-friendly place and give a neighborhood another option for great foods and drinks. Edgewater has a great mix of those that have lived in the neighborhood and has given it its rich history and those that recognize the amazing place and have added their uniqueness to better the city. We completely appreciate Edgewater for being part of Denver and still retaining a small-town feel.

What menu items/products do you offer? 

WBF is a specialty deli which sells elevated sandwiches and salads during lunch and transition into small plates and tapas for the evening. We also sell cured meats and cheeses by the pound as well as specialty goods and nonalcoholic drinks. We have the provisions to aid in making a fantastic meal with friends and families at home.

Our menu is inspired by our travels to Spain, France and Italy. In addition to food, we sell Old World wines by the glass and bottle. Our carefully selected wines will push our customers past what they typically see on other menus and educates them on lesser-known regions and varietals at very reasonable prices. Our beer selection highlights the best from Belgium, Scotland, and the U.S.

What makes your business unique?

We are a no-tipping restaurant; we feel that our prices are fair and built in a way even with employees, they will be given a fair wage. This also allows our customers to enjoy our food and service without an obligation to tip and allows us and our employees to provide quality service to all customers without calculating what tips are needed to provide for themselves and/or their family.

We see our business as a hybrid of a typical deli, wine bar, beer bar, and educational space. Our passion and enthusiasm for what we do and the people we serve really puts us on a different plane. While we have a small space, we have optimized it to give our customers as many options as possible while still enjoying their time in it. What we are really excited about is the ability to continually evolve the menu and options for customers to keep them engaged and interested in coming back often.