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By Lee Stiffler-Meyer

Physical activity is a way of life for Benton Street residents Mark, Sarah, Myles and Ben Krick. Biking, volleyball, baseball and swimming are just a handful of activities the Krick family does regularly to stay active. This month, HEALthy Edgewater caught up with the Krick family, to hear about their favorite physical activities and their thoughts on opportunities for healthy living in Edgewater. 

Neighbors say your family loves the outdoors and participating in sports. What are some of your family's favorite activities?

“We have fun biking and golfing together and playing wiffleball or football down at the park. We also like to combine hiking with a little fishing in a stream when we have time to get a little further away from the neighborhood.

“We have our individual activities and sports we like to participate in, too. We like going to the gym for a workout, participating in cross-country, basketball or baseball at school and playing lunch time volleyball.

Your family has participated in the Edgewater Walks challenge each year. What motivates you to get your family out the door to these community walks?

“We have always enjoyed getting back outside after dinner time, but it seems like that hasn’t been as consistent lately with homework or just wanting to relax after a busy day. However, having something like Edgewater Walks set up and a scheduled event has re-motivated us to take the time to get back outside and enjoy visiting with neighbors.”

With working parents and school aged-children sometimes the schedule gets really busy, how do you balance family time, school/work time and other obligations?

“Physical activity has always been a stress reliever for us. It isn’t always easy to do, but we realize we need to take the time to fit in some exercise to keep that balance. Sometimes it is just a matter for taking a break from homework and playing outside with neighborhood kids, shooting some baskets or playing four-square in the driveway.”

How does Edgewater support your goals for a healthy lifestyle? 

“Living in Edgewater gives us the option to walk or ride a bike instead of always getting in your car. We love that we can walk to the grocery and hardware store, library and post office, pick up prescriptions and pick out glasses, go out to eat or meet up for coffee, and more, all without getting into the car. Also, having Sloan’s Lake right here gives so many options for activity and gives you a destination.”

Thanks Krick family.

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