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By Lee Stiffler-Meyer

HEALthy Edgewater is thrilled to see new progress on strategies to make active living easier in Edgewater. The City of Edgewater has been working hard to make our great city more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Here are a couple of updates:

Jefferson County Quick Wins Grant

The City of Edgewater has been awarded a $5,000 grant to install bike racks at the 25th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard parking lot from Jefferson County. Staff has approached ERA for the majority of the match but will also use some funds from the Streets and Sidewalks line item, in General Fund, to provide the concrete and paver area that will surround the bike racks. Staff has already begun removing the hedges on the north side of the parking lot. This project will create more bike parking in our busy business district.

Bike Lanes

The city hired a contractor this past May and completed all of the bike lanes throughout the city. Adding a lane with sharrows along 20th Avenue,  Pierce Street and 26th Avenue along with shared parking sharrows along Harlan Street. Sharrows are street markings used to indicate a shared lane environment for bikers and motorists.

What is Healthy Edgewater? 

Edgewater is one of many cities and towns in Colorado participating in the LiveWell Colorado HEAL Cities and Towns Campaign. In October 2014, Edgewater adopted a resolution that encourages the city to adopt policies that improve access to physical activity and healthy foods in the community. Policies range from improved land use and transportation policies that can influence increased physical activity; to the promotion of farmers markets, community gardens and local nutrition education programs that can help increase residents’ access to healthy food.

The HEALthy Edgewater committee was formed in response to the city’s participation in the HEAL Campaign. This group is working with the city to increase healthy eating and active living opportunities in our community through programs like the Neighbor to Market farm stand at the annual Market and Music and Edgewater Walks. 

One of the goals of the committee is to improve communication with Edgewater residents about events, programs and opportunities that come up regarding healthy eating and active living. Want to get involved or be on the committee? We currently have open slots for volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Here’s a Neighbor to Market volunteer opportunity: work a two-hour shift at our farm stand at the Farmers Market, June 29 through Sept. 7.

Another volunteer role for our farm stand: If you’re a backyard gardener, bring your herbs, veggies or fruit down to the stand to be sold. You will get 90 percent of everything you sell. 

Edgewater Walks Program

Help us lead a community walk, a run, or a bike ride in September. It’s a great way to meet new people and contribute to our community. Email for more information.

Lee Stiffler-Meyer serves on the HEALthy Edgewater Committee.