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Focus on Sustainability

By Guy Nahmiach

Ikeep reading about individuals and groups of people waiting or expecting the city to do more in terms of recycling. In a community where equity is the word of the day, the ability to pay more taxes or for services should not make you a more “earth-friendly” citizen.

Existing and free recycling services are already around us. From glass and paper to cars and furniture, composting and appliances, advice on growing gardens and even getting rid of junk that has amassed in your home over the many years of raising kids – all for free, no charge:

Paper and cardboard: Free drop off of all bundles of cardboard boxes, newspapers and all paper products available at the green dumpster in church parking lot of Ward Road and W. 38th Avenue.

Glass: Free drop off of all glass products at drop-off locations right here in Wheat Ridge; they can be found at

Electronics: Free drop off of all computer towers, laptops, cell phones, APC/UPS ipods, ink and toner cartridges, loose cables/wires,  treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical, washers/dryers, stoves, grills and water heaters, at (SustainAbility) 6240 W. 54th Ave., Arvada.

Metals:  Drop off of all aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans, steel cans, metal lids and bottle caps. (SustainAbility) 6240 W. 54th Ave., Arvada.

Composting: Free tutorials on how to compost are found on Youtube and can be shared with neighbors. It’s a wonderful way to provide nutrients to your gardens.

Cars:  Free donation and pick ups services are available through

Furniture and tools: Can be dropped off for free at Habitat For Humanity at 10625 W. Interstate 70 Frontage Road.

The list is endless. Yes, of course, you can hire any waste collection vendor to assist you in recycling. There are many options with frequency of pickups to size and quantity of bins. You can also pay more taxes to your city government to hire more staff and impose new “recycling” laws. But it’s important to highlight the fact that if you are income-limited like so many of our families, it doesn’t preclude them from becoming responsible citizens of planet earth.  Recycling and sustainability should not cost you one extra dollar. In fact , it should help you reduce the amount you need to spend every month.

Do you have a resource you’d like to share with us? Email or call me at 303-999-5789. You can also post your recycling and repurposing ideas on the FB page Wheat Ridge Sustainability.