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Focus on Sustainability

By Xerxes Steirer

Over the next three months, Edgewater’s Sustainability Seminars will focus on waste, including how we make it, where it goes, what happens to it and what we as consumers can do.

Feb. 20 - Recycling

Jeanette Papp, Colorado Association of Recycling Volunteer of the Year Awardee, will talk about her experiences of pioneering Edgewater’s recycling program along with fellow citizens. This will include a discussion about Colorado’s legislation around waste management and she will answer all the questions you have ever wanted to ask about recycling.

March 20 - Composting

Edgewater’s urban farmers, Debra and Jason Bump, bring a wealth of knowledge to this talk about composting with their backgrounds as Denver Urban Garden Master Composters and Permaculture Designers. Come learn the importance of composting and how easy it is to do it yourself, whether you live in a house or an apartment.

April 17 - Food Waste

As a recipe developer and former personal chef, Lilly Steirer sees the world and sustainability through the lens of food. In this talk, she will examine how in the United States nearly 40 percent of all food is wasted with the majority going into landfills becoming the greenhouse gas methane. Adding to our landfills are the packaging and single-use products that are prevalent in our current food system. She will explore why this is happening and some practical steps we can take as consumers to reduce waste, save money and the planet.

The Edgewater Sustainability Seminar is held at the Edgewater Library at 25th and Grey. These informal gatherings are free to attend. Seminars are regularly on the third Tuesday of each month throughout 2018 starting at 7 p.m.  Bring a friend to each of these talks to learn the importance of reducing waste and strategies we can all take to make it happen.