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By Guy Nahmiach

What if I told you that one out of every three bites of food Americans consume comes from a plant visited by bees or other pollinators? More than $15 billion worth of crops are pollinated by bees each year just in the United States alone.

Before you start thinking this is another political piece about Trump, Hillary, Bernie or Daryl & his other brother Daryl, let me assure you that it’s simply an awareness piece about our very own neighborhoods right here in Wheat Ridge.

The way yards are connected right across this little town. Fences keep dogs in and neighbors out, but both pesticides and our pollinating friends are not restricted by any kind of fencing. The chemicals you are using on weeds are not only harming the bees coming over to my apple tree, they are also seeping into the ground and down into the water table.

One of every three bites can include carrots, zucchini, blueberries, apples … the list is endless, but so are the consequences. Imagine a third of our food supply being replaced by artificial ingredients. Think of the jobs and livelihoods affected by the harm done on agriculture, gardening stores, grocery chains, farms, tractor factories and the list goes on. We share the air and we share the water. Remember the days of smoking sections on airplanes? It’s not like the nonsmoking section was getting a supply of clean air from a secret compartment.

Speaking of Daryl & Daryl, my awesome neighbors Janet and Tim brought over some of the 5 Fridges goats to take care of the weeds in the back. I did find out that goats love to climb fences and eat cherry trees as well. But rest assured that my flowers will bloom and vegetables will taste great in a just few weeks.

It doesn't take much to avoid chemicals. It’s not a political statement. Simply caring for not only the yard you own, but the same piece of land that another family will own 50 years from now. It’s the very definition of sustainability. Keeping a business healthy or a home in good shape to hand down to the next generation. We are always curious as to who lived in our home prior to us … but what about long after we’re gone?

Weed barriers work great for gardens, boiling water with salt will work wonders on the weeds in your driveway and of course there’s always elbow grease with a glass of wine.

You can join the Wheat Ridge Urban Gardeners and the Wheat Ridge Sustainability pages on FB and find out what others are doing. Of course you are always welcome to share with us here at the Neighborhood Gazette your own recipe for healthy gardening.

Contact Guy Nahmiach at 303-999-5789 or Guy@NostalgicHomes.Com.