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Focus on Sustainability

By K. Xerxes Steirer

This year’s sustainable Edgewater seminars have been so rewarding! Thanks to the familiar faces and all the new neighbors and who have been coming. And a big thanks to Amy and Jess at the Edgewater Library for hosting these community events.

From green buildings to Matt Young’s creation of a carbon-neutral home, our discussions together have been informative to say the least. Lilly’s mouth-watering discussion of food systems was a big favorite so far. Although, most comments from attendees were from the up-to-date and data-driven presentation on climate change. Solar electricity and the rich history of oil marked our mid-year with a deep sense of place and hints of a sunny future.

The second half of this year is lined up to offer neighbors good times and great company with seminars that inspire us to create a sustainable future. July’s seminar on electric cars and the big changes starting to gain traction in transportation will electrify those seeking curb the carbon. In August, we’ll hear from two Edgewater parents who are redefining sustainability in their homes with creativity and fresh flavors.

September’s seminar hopes to teach us how to source local ingredients even when snow is covering the ground. Then, any sweet tooth will be satisfied talking about sweeteners and local honey at October’s discussion. As the gifting season gets rolling, November’s seminar will look at consumerism and value. Year end highlights will wrap up the year as we celebrate sustainability in December!

Seminars in 2017:

• Jan.  17, Green Buildings and LEED

• Feb. 21, A Net Zero Home by Accident

• March 21, Sustainable Food

• April 18, Climate Change

• May 16, Solar Electricity

• June 20, The History of Oil

• July 18, Electric Cars & The Transportation Revolution

• Aug. 15, The Reimagined Table

• Sept. 19, A Locavore Winter

• Oct. 17, Sugar, Honey and Sweet Stuff

• Nov. 21, Sustainable Gifting

• Dec. 19, Year End Highlights & Celebration

The Sustainable Edgewater Seminar Series meets in the Edgewater Library from 7 to 8 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Come to meet your neighbors and learn about sustainability. Hope to see you there!

K. Xerxes Steirer, Ph.D. Applied Physics, is a scientist working on sustainable energy technologies and education at Colorado School of Mines. He is a family man, an urban farmer and a proud resident of Edgewater.