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Focus on Sustainability

By Guy Nahmiach

The Neighborhood Revitalization Steering Committee (NRS) has been meeting for a few weeks and is ready to go out into the community to ask for your opinion.

Wait – what did he say?

Some months ago, the City of Wheat Ridge created an opportunity for citizens to volunteer for the NRS, for a process which will determine and provide a roadmap for what and how the city needs to look in 10 to 20 years. There were 23 volunteers for the six spots; the city took advantage of all this good will and decided to take on all 23.

The group was then divided into smaller subgroups that set off to answer a handful of important questions about the city’s landscape, economic situation and living conditions. What issues are in our future and which do the city need to “get right?”

The issues include neighborhood development and its financial implications. Some of the hurdles that were common to all teams were establishing 38th Avenue as a main street for the city; creating and developing main corridors in and around the city; zoning issues; building codes; improving walkability; personal safety; sustainability; the motels on Kipling and I-70; the number of rentals; the absentee landlords; local shopping; height of homes; width of lanes; depth of city involvement on personal properties; distance and daycare; and other issues that are key to city growth.

If you’re thinking, “Well nobody asked for my opinion,” then know that the teams are about to go out into the community and organize many meetings across the city, trying to include everyone and anyone who calls Wheat Ridge their home: all ages, races, economic situations, renters, owners, businesses, students and teachers, seniors who like the treadmills at the rec center and youngsters that like the skateparks.

Look for these invitations to join in and provide your valuable input. I know we’ve had these before and I know you’ve come out to speak your opinion and share your vision. I was one of you and swore that I would never step forward again. But guess what? I volunteered and so should you. Our future depends on it.

Contact Guy Nahmiach at or 303-999-5789.