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Fitness Corner

By Brandy Martin

When it comes to being on the path of health and wellness in our lives, it’s important to find something that encompasses all aspects so that there is sustainable success. The three main components for success are fitness, nutrition and accountability. Not all programs include all three components and your health could be suffering from it. With the holidays in quick approach, it’s a vital time to get yourself on track so you don’t end up gaining weight through them.

Fitness: Getting activity is clearly an important aspect especially when weight loss is desired. However, even if weight loss isn’t the main objective, activity can play a massive role in keeping joints healthy, bones strong as well as maintaining a healthy heart. Finding a fitness routine that can include resistance training (lifting weights), cardiovascular training (cardio) and then some recovery or self-care such as yoga will allow you to improve in all aspects. Make sure that the trainers or coaches are concerned with form and alignment so that you stay safe and always speak to someone about your injuries or limitations. Ensure that the program fits your individual needs. For example, if you are a beginner you will not feel comfortable in a high-intensity workout environment mixed with a competitive feel.

Nutrition: Let’s face it. It’s the most important and hardest to do. You may feel you eat well. However, if you scanned through every single thing that went in your mouth, you would better understand why you deal with chronic pain, inflammation, low energy, headaches and weight gain. Most fitness programs do not offer assistance with nutrition. What is it that you need? Meal plans, food journals, accountability, ability to ask questions? Can you see yourself following the gym or studio’s food philosophy?

Accountability: Sometimes it just breaks down to the fact that we know what to do, we just don’t do it. Life happens, distractions happen and excuses arise. What programs can offer you the ability to be held accountable and to be supported on a monthly basis? Make sure that you have some forum to ask questions, get support and to be motivated as well as inspired even when you are not physically at the location. If you struggle with the mindset aspect of your health and wellness journey, you may want to make sure that the program gives coaching on mindset practices as well.

Coming into one of the most challenging times of year, it is important to have yourself dialed into a program that will assist you in every way. This will help you resist the temptations and unhealthy habits of the holiday season. Cold weather and darker days will not affect your health and wellness journey. You won’t be sick as often or even at all when you are eating healthy and working out consistently.

Come try Feed Your Soul Fitness for one of our 6 week challenges that provide workouts, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, accountability and motivation. Feel the best you ever have this holiday season!

Brandy Martin is owner of Feed Your Soul Fitness; contact her at or 303-947-5631.