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Fitness Corner

By Brandy Martin

It’s been a long, fun-filled summer, hasn’t it? With all the extra family vacations, neighborhood barbecues and summer treats, you are probably not feeling your healthiest. The busy schedules that are not routine have affected your mood, your energy and your waistline. And now you are ready to do something about it.

A fitness challenge is a great way to get started, because, let’s face it, getting started is the hardest part! When it comes to choosing a fitness challenge there are some considerations you should make.

Approach: What is the fitness facility about? Do they specialize in a certain heavy lifting style; do they specialize in gymnastics or yoga? Does the facility encompass what you are looking for and can stand behind? Is the fitness facility more aimed at athletes, a younger crowd or do they help beginners or those with injuries? Making sure that you choose a challenge and fitness facility that aligns with where you are in your journey will help you stay consistent.

Timing and Preference: What classes are offered to the individuals in the challenge? Not always is the entire schedule offered to challengers, so be aware. What times and days do they offer classes? Figure out what fits your schedule so you can attend regularly. Are the class styles that fit your schedule appealing to you? It won’t do you any good to have a class you can go to but won’t go to because it isn’t what you are looking for. To lose weight and get into shape, you will need a mix of strength training, cardio and recovery such as yoga. Do you get access to everything you need?

What is Included: With your challenge, what do you get? Is it just workouts? Do you get assistance with diet and meals? Are you able to get support or advice? Do you have to pay for anything additional within the challenge? Are there requirements to stay on long term? Are there prizes?

Philosophy Behind Diet/Nutrition: Most challenges will include some sort of nutrition/diet guidance. Some will give you a specific diet to follow directly such as paleo, gluten free, sugar free or dairy free. Consider what is within your realm for dietary needs and your activity level so you stay safe.

Coaching/Support: Most people join a challenge because just starting to work out alone isn’t quite enough. They are looking for mindset coaching and some sort of improvement of their perspective for their health and wellness journey. Let’s face it, a lot of getting healthy is getting the mind right!

Rid yourself of your unhealthy summer habits by joining a challenge! Have the accountability, motivation and support that is proven to help people be successful when getting started again with a health and wellness journey.

Feed Your Soul Fitness is hosting an upcoming challenge, “Fall into Fitness,” that begins Sept. 6. Call for details: 303-947-5631

Brandy Martin is owner of Feed Your Soul Fitness; contact her at or 303-947-5631.