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By Laura Keegan

It’s with great sadness, and a feeling of utter bewilderment, that our community, and all communities, must mourn the loss of another police officer taken from their family and their community. We salute all those who offer their lives to make ours safer, to give us security and hope for order in our lives.

These words feel terribly inadequate. But they come from our hearts. Our thoughts, our heartfelt grief and love go out to those men and women who give of themselves with unselfish dedication.

I’ve spent most of my life in Edgewater. As I was growing up, we all spent much time out in our neighborhoods, being a community of friends and watching out for each other. We acknowledged our diversities, knowing we had strength and hope by being connected. As the decades passed, our city grew and morphed.

Sadly, for many of us, that closeness in our neighborhoods went away as our lives became so busy. But in the past years, positive changes (as they always must) have cycled around, not just in Edgewater, but across the nation. Again we understand the need many of us tried to ignore – we need each other. That’s what builds strong neighborhoods, gives us safety and a real sense of home.

Change has again swept through our city. People feel the sense of belonging. We enjoy taking our children to the parks, our family dogs on runs, visiting local business and exploring the changes in our neighborhood. Because we need this. This is our homeland. We owe this to our own personal growth and vision and to those dedicated who selflessly protect us. We have embraced that piece of the puzzle. We care about and need each other. A simple thank you, a smile, a nod or a wave is about all it takes to show that. None of us can be too busy for that.

To the community I serve, to all my neighbors and all those visiting Edgewater – especially to our officers and their families – I give you my gratitude and my promise to do better to offer you a simple wave or smile as you pass.

On a lighter note: Make sure you drive by our new Civic Center development on 1800 Harlan to see the amazing progress.

Help one neighbor in need this week – at least offer to, so they know we have their back in times of need.

And, we’re getting many comments on those neglecting to pick up after their dogs on their walks. Please carry a poo-bag with you to make our community cleaner.

Finally, if you are new here, welcome to Edgewater. Our community is our strength.

Edgewater Mayor Laura Keegan can be reached at or 303-232-0745.