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By Laura Keegan

As the full force of our Colorado summer kicks in with hotter than average temperatures, I hope everyone is finding a cool place to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day. Remember that we have many neighbors with varying health issues who may live alone. In this almost unbearable heat, please keep them in mind and make sure they are doing all right. A reminder: we are on the three-days-a-week watering schedule, any three days are fine. We’re not to water our lawns after 10 in the morning or before 6 in the evening to help conserve and prevent water evaporation during the high sun hours.

Edgewater will have an informative and exciting council meeting on July 19, 7 p.m. In addition to many more mundane but necessary business agenda items, we have several special guests who will be presenting information on the upcoming ballot Initiative 93. If passed this November, this would help provide for more adequate funding to our Colorado schools. The presentations will be short but informative. Dr. Jason Glass, Jefferson County School Superintendent, and Jonna Levine with Great Schools, Thriving Communities will be speaking at the meeting. Anyone interested in learning more about this initiative can go the Great Schools, Thriving Communities’ website.

As most are aware, now that the Edgewater Civic Center is well underway and scheduled for a grand opening later this fall, we’ve had several of our city properties up for sale. One of these is the property at the northeast side of 25th and Gray, home of our recreation center, public library, some police offices, storage space and our old fire department. There will be a presentation by the proposed new owners with a discussion and possible action taken regarding the new ownership and development of that property.

A public hearing for the new development at 20th and Depew, as well as possible action on the Conditional Use Permit and PUD, is scheduled.

We encourage citizens to attend to hear more details as these innovative and long-awaited events move another step forward. As Edgewater changes and morphs into an updated city with more advanced services and quality businesses, we are moving closer to being one of the finest walkable communities in the metro area. It’s important for our citizens to know that we, your city leaders, are doing everything we can to keep our small-town feel. Staff and your public officials do our best to keep Edgewater’s incoming businesses and services as unique as possible with a variety of go-to shopping and eating centers and services that enhance and simplify the lifestyle that will keep Edgewater thriving for its families, visitors and businesses.

Contact Edgewater Mayor Laura Keegan at 303-232-0745 or