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By Laura Keegan

I’m honored to have been elected as Mayor of Edgewater. My message, “I Believe in this Community,” never rang more true. As Mayor, I’ll continue to be a strong voice representing our entire community as we are becoming more and more of a destination city. We, the community, must continue to work together to balance our residents’ joy of “the small town life” with the needs of our growing businesses.

I look forward to working with Councilors Steve Conklin, Kate Mulcahy, Kara Swanson and Myra Keeble; Janet Spangenberg — Janet was reelected — Caleb Rountree and John Beltrone — the two newest elected councilors.

Most of the citizens know that I have served on City Council for over eight years. I’m knowledgeable about the workings of government. I’m a strong leader devoted to maintaining the uniqueness that is Edgewater.

During my tenure on council, I introduced and carried many ordinances such as the first recycling ordinance, the smoking ordinance, the group home ordinance, the rental registration and renters’ right ordinances. I worked diligently to help secure the vote for our new Civic Center so that our police have a much-needed working environment that is safe and secure; our staff an updated working place; our library a modern and spacious home; and a much needed recreation center.

All of these have and will make our community a better place to live, work and visit. I will continue to work to help make our city the place where families and businesses choose to stay as Edgewater grows and prospers.

I respectfully thank Kris Teegardin for his service as mayor the past two years as well as his four-year term on council before that.

Thank you to Todd Riddle for his dedication to the city as he served on council for six-plus years and before that as Chair of our Planning and Zoning Committee.

To those candidates who ran this election season but were not elected, you have all shown how much you wish to serve Edgewater; I know you will continue to do so.

I also would like to gratefully acknowledge the amazing staff that has, and will continue to do so, ensure that Edgewater is the best it can and should be.  A special shout-out to Pauline York, our shining, tireless community activist. She has, and will always be, our community watchdog and voice of reason.

The election season has come to a close in Edgewater. I know everyone, myself included, is thrilled to see all the campaign signs packed away. We are an amazing community. I look forward to all the changes we will tackle over the coming years.   

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