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By Ken Lutes

Whether it’s a scrape or rebuild, we just want the right development,” said Edgewater deputy city manager Dan Maples, on the sale and repurposing of the city’s present municipal building at W. 24th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard.

Maples hosted a half-dozen potential developers and architects at a March 26 open house and site visit inside the municipal building. Discussion at the meeting centered on the city’s planning process and physical design issues and emphasized a keen preference for a business that will generate strong sales tax revenues.

“Edgewater is 100 percent sales tax driven,” Maples said, stressing the importance of retail business along the Sheridan corridor. “We don’t have property taxes here that would come back to the city.” The municipal building is zoned C-1, “and we anticipate it’ll stay that. We’re very protective of our commercial corridors.”

On March 27, developers inspected the second property for sale at 5845 W. 25th Ave., the site of Edgewater’s old city hall, its former fire department and a Jefferson County library. It is also the city’s desire to retain the C-1 zoning for this property, to further establish the retail character of 25th Avenue.

“We like retail, and we’d like something to contribute for the long term,” Maples said.

The 25th and Gray property is mixed with residential, making it different from the municipal building property, which is on a high-density commercial corridor.

“There’s a lot of neighborhood community we have to be aware of,” Maples said. “As far as what we want with [these properties], we really just want the right development that will fit with our long-term goals with sales tax and future retail, as well as a fit with the community.”

Maples said the city would like to have a deal on both properties by the time they move to the city’s new Civic Center building in September.

The Request for Qualifications and Proposals for developers may be found at; links to RFQPs for both sites are in the right-hand sidebar. The deadline for proposal submission is noon, April 30.

In related news, the W. 20th Avenue and Depew Street property (former King Soopers site), which has been vacant since the city bought it in 2002, is currently under contract for redevelopment with Littleton Capital Partners. The city is further along with LPC than with the previous developer and is optimistic about plans for redevelopment, according to Maples.