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Compiled by Jennifer LeDuc

Edgewater City Council candidates running on the November 2017 ballot were required to file paperwork with their city clerk by close of business Aug. 28. The following week, the Neighborhood Gazette emailed questionnaires to the hopefuls, along with a request for a high-resolution headshot photo.

We asked each candidate:

• How long have you lived at your current address?

• How long have you lived in Jeffco?

• Current occupation?

• Previous occupations?

• Previous public service experience, if any?

• Community involvement and experience?

• Current and previous boards and committee memberships?

• What are the three key issues facing your community? Why? How will you address them and why are you qualified to do so?

• And to provide campaign website address and other contact information, if available.

Responses are published verbatim, although they may have been edited for length (character limits were included in the questionnaire), readability, potential libelous content, offensiveness or poor taste. 

The Neighborhood Gazette does not endorse candidates. Individual staff members may be involved in political campaigns, but they do not speak officially for the newspaper.

John Beltrone

Time at current address, Jeffco: 2.5 Years; 3 Years.

Current/Previous occupation: Analyst - National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL); Financial Auditor - KPMG.

Public Service: This is my first time running for public office.

Community Involvement: For the past four years I have volunteered as a tax preparer for the Denver Asset Building Coalition (DABC), helping low-income families get their taxes done for free. I volunteer with A Little Help, an organization dedicated to connecting neighbors to help seniors thrive. At work, I helped start and lead the NREL Bike MS team which has raised over $55,000 over the last 3 years to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In Jefferson County, I am spearheading an effort to better connect bike lanes from Edgewater to Golden. In Edgewater, I have been attending council meetings, participating in community events and meeting with city officials to better understand the issues facing the city. I also helped establish the group Solarize Edgewater, which educates and helps people who want to go solar.

Board/Committee Memberships: I currently serve as Board Vice-President of DABC and I am a member of Bike Jeffco (advocates for road cyclists and safety), HEALthy Edgewater (promotes healthy eating and active living), and the Edgewater Optimist Club (helps children succeed).

Key issues: "I would say that the three issues are development, code enforcement, and affordability. This is based on the 100+ conversations I have had with different people in town since I announced. Making community based policy decisions, encouraging dialogue between neighbors, and providing the tools for those in need to find help will address these problems. My professional experiences and relationships within the city qualify me to address these issues."
Contact:;; 2059 Eaton Street.

Virgie A. Carr

Time at current address, Jeffco: 19 Years; 49 years + 10 intermittent.

Current/Previous occupation: Retired; Program Assistant/CDOT & CDOHS.

Public Service: I served on the Edgewater Planning & Zoning Commission while the 2013 Comprehensive Plan was being developed.

Community Involvement: "Attend City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings on a regular basis. Volunteer and participate in Colorado Senior Connections (CSC) programs and lead a few programs (Stitch & Chatter, Meditation and Stretching). Participate with the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church. "

Board/Committee Memberships: I serve on my church's Administrative Board. I participate on the CSC Planning Committee.

Key issues/how address: Key issues? Every issue is a key issue for someone in the community. Why would I pick three or even one to say it is more important than the others? They are all important to our citizens. Change is always an issue and it is the only constant in our lives. As each issue is brought forth I would speak with our citizens to ask their views and wishes. We have to look at what is the best action for all of Edgewater for now and in the future.

Contact: 2537 Ingalls Street, Edgewater, CO 80214;

Darrin Levy

Time at current address, Jeffco: 4 Years in Edgewater; 4 Years.

Current/Previous occupation: Father; Real Estate and Equities Investor

Community Organizer; Small Business Owner; Property and Construction Manager; Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing Agent

Public Service: United States Senate Legislative Aide

Community Involvement: As a community organizer, I worked throughout Jeffco, including Edgewater. It was my job to talk to residents about important issues and organize educational events; Father of A Child's Place student; Would be honored to serve the community on City Council.

Board/Committee Memberships: Smoke-Free Denver; Five Points Media Center; Monaco Village HOA

Key issues/how address: Our campaign is about preserving small-town values. I want to keep city government focused on the safety of our families, maintaining our roads and providing necessary services. This helps foster a climate of neighbors helping each other and working together to solve problems.

With my background in real estate, I am well-qualify to help guide the city through the civic center construction and subsequent disposition of city-owned property.

Contact:; P.O. Box 140125, Edgewater 80214.

Cory Reid-Vanas

Time at current address, Jeffco: 5 years; 5 years.

Current/Previous occupation: Family Therapist/Small Business Owner; Outdoor Youth Leadership Instructor.

Public Service: Not applicable.

Community Involvement: I have had many great opportunities to volunteer in our community by participating in the Denver Mayor's Youth Awards Selection Committee and working with Habitat for Humanity. But, for me, community involvement occurs daily through my own mental health counseling practice, Rocky Mountain Counseling, Coaching & Consulting. I have also engaged with organizations that support people with developmental disabilities and mental illness (CHARG Resource Center and ARC).

Board/Committee Memberships: Not applicable.

Key issues/how address: Edgewater is strong! Our community needs smart and thoughtful leadership to continue to grow sustainably. As a small city, we must consider our current needs and plan for the future, while remaining fiscally responsible. I will support small business development, wise updating of our infrastructure, and provide opportunities for community engagement and resources to empower citizens of Edgewater to live their dream.

Contact:; 2295 Jay Street, Edgewater CO 80214.

Caleb Rountree

Time at current address, Jeffco: Since April of last year; About 3 years now.

Current/Previous occupation: Sr. Marketing Manager for Email on Acid; Digital marketing and tech-based marketing.

Public Service: This is my first time running for public office.

Community Involvement: Since I was a small child, I've been active in legislative issues, testifying before committees in the Arkansas House of Representatives at the age of 8. Since, I've been an outspoken advocate for victims of sexual and physical abuse. I also enjoy working with children, having been a volunteer at the Tennyson Center for Children for over two years.

Board/Committee Memberships: House District 24 Captain, House District 24 Platform Committee Representative.

Key issues/how address: Using my experience in the new economy working with companies like Facebook, Google and others, I have a unique perspective and insights into how to best safeguard our community through responsible growth. We're going to develop 20th and Depew with shops resistant to the struggles of big box stores, create a more walk-friendly city, and focus on initiatives to keep our city clean including code enforcement.

Contact: 2220 Lamar St., Edgewater, CO 80214; 501-650-2747;;

Janet Spangenberg

Time at current address, Jeffco: In Edgewater since 2011; Jeffco, too, 6 years.

Current/Previous occupation: Own Cultural Phenomena – a local arts organization; I've worked most aspects of printing/publishing/graphic arts, in large corporations, non-profit organizations, small businesses & self-employed.

Public Service: I was a community activist/leader regarding redeveloping Cinderella City, the first Light Rail line, & Cultural Arts before my appointment as inaugural Chair of Englewood Cultural Arts Commission.

Community Involvement: I became part of the Edgewater community

history, and heart through Gina's Coffee Shop volunteering, and playing jazz on her little stage in 2010, a regular volunteer at the Celtic Harvest Festival, and other Edgewater events. Cultural Phenomena had a booth representing four Edgewater artists at the summer Market & Music.

Board/Committee Memberships: I am a member of Edgewater City Council, Edgewater Liquor Authority board, Edgewater Optimists Club, Lakewood Arts Council, 40West Arts, and am Council liaison to Edgewater Parks, Recreation, Historic Preservation & Arts Advisory Board.

Key issues/how address: Completion of the Civic Center; 20th & Depew; and adequate Police/City staffing/compensation require responsible development balancing environment, economic & community needs, ensuring sustainable revenue for the long term.

I have a genuine relationship in this community representing citizen concerns over four years, a working relationship with City Council, Boards & Commissions and staff, and relevant knowledge regarding projects in process.

Contact:; 2407 Lamar Street.