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By Gwen Clayton

Candidates running on the November 2017 ballot were required to file paperwork with their respective city clerks or school board offices by close of business Aug. 28. The following week, the Neighborhood Gazette emailed questionnaires to the hopefuls, along with a request for a high-resolution headshot photo, to be published with their responses to the questions below:

1. What is your name, position running for, occupation, previous occupations, how long you've lived in the city or district, and any personal details you want readers to know about you.

2. Have you served in public office before? If so, what position, where and when?

3. Have you volunteered in your community? If so, what position, where and when?

4. What are the three most important issues facing your city/district, and how will you address them if elected?

5. Please provide basic contact information: Website, phone number, email, social media, as well as name of candidate committee and chairperson.

Responses are published verbatim, although they may have been edited for length (character limits were included in the questionnaire), readability, potential libelous content, offensiveness or poor taste. Responses from candidates running for Wheat Ridge Mayor and Jefferson County Board of Education are published on pages 7 and 8; responses from candidates running for Wheat Ridge City Council will be published in the October issue due to space limitations. (See Patricia Lilliston’s survey of Mountain View mayoral candidates on page 6.)

The Neighborhood Gazette will not be endorsing candidates or ballot initiatives. Individual staff members may be involved in political campaigns, but they do not speak officially for the newspaper.