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Candidates running on the November 2017 ballot were required to file paperwork with their respective city clerks or school board offices by close of business Aug. 28. The following week, the Neighborhood Gazette emailed questionnaires to the hopefuls, along with a request for a high-resolution headshot photo.

In this edition we published responses from candidates running for Edgewater mayor (page 5), Lakewood City Council Ward 2 (page 4) and Jefferson County Board of Education (page 7); responses from candidates running for Edgewater City Council will be published in the October issue due to space limitations.

We asked each candidate:

• How long have you lived at your current address?

• How long have you lived in Jeffco?

• Current occupation?

• Previous occupations?

• Previous public service experience, if any?

• Community involvement and experience?

• Current and previous boards and committee memberships?

• What are the three key issues facing your community? Why? How will you address them and why are you qualified to do so?

• And to provide campaign website address and other contact information, if available.

Responses are published verbatim, although they may have been edited for length (character limits were included in the questionnaire), readability, potential libelous content, offensiveness or poor taste. 

The Neighborhood Gazette will not be endorsing candidates or ballot initiatives. Individual staff members may be involved in political campaigns, but they do not speak officially for the newspaper.