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Compiled by Jennifer LeDuc

Jacob LaBure

Time at current address, Jeffco: 5 Years; 5 Years.

Current/Previous occupation: NCIC Agent for the Denver Police Dept.; I have also previously worked in construction working on concrete infrastructure projects and various service industry jobs.

Public Service: 10 Years working for Local Government. Worked on infrastructure projects worked in permitting and now I work for the Denver Police Department.

Community Involvement: I have worked on many community issues since I was 16 years old. I currently regularly volunteer for the St. Francis homeless shelter. I volunteer for the handicap parking enforcement unit. I volunteered for the emergency neighborhood snowplow program. I’ve worked on registering people to vote in underserved communities. I worked on a walking study in the Two Creeks neighborhood. I worked on outreach to spread awareness on environmental issues, I advocated to get funding for infrastructure projects done around the state. I was apart of successfully advocating for the Colorado General Assembly to help turn Metro State College into a University. I fought to keep college tuition lower and to protect K-12 funding against amendments 60, 61, and 101. I served on Metropolitan State University of Denver's Board of Trustees. I served on the Associated Students of Colorado and the Yess Institute’s Board. I also earned the Mayors and Commissioners Youth Leadership Award and others. So, when I ask for the voters support. I am asking them to believe that I will do, what I have always done. I will work for the community. I was raised in Castle Rock, but now that I call Lakewood home. I will be your champion and if you give me the tools I will be even more effective. Thank you for the support you’ve shown.

Board/Committee Memberships: Current Teamster. Former Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Board of Trustees. Former Associated Students of Colorado Board member Former CCHE Student Fee Working Group member. Former Yess Institute Board-member.

Key issues/how address: Managing growth, affordability, and infrastructure.

I have the most experiencing in activating voters, working with the community, and getting things done in government. If elected, this role will help me be a better advocate for the voters. We will address these issues by making them community priorities and activating residents. With the voters support: We’ll hit the ground running to make our city even better.

Contact:;; 6700 W. 11TH Ave., Unit 210, Lakewood CO 80214;

Charles K. Davis

Time at current address, Jeffco: 3 years and 4 months; 5 1/2 out of 22 in area.

Current/Previous occupation: Director of two Tech. Dept’s for a large law firm; Owner of an IT outsourcing and Design company.

Public Service: This is my first foray into public service.

Community Involvement: I have participated the Lakewood Citizens Planning academy, which is highly recommended. I’ve been involved in numerous neighborhood organizations and committees. I’ve been on the board of directors of my church and have attended many many citizen driven events and was involved, from the beginning, with the direction of the A line east of Denver and through established neighborhoods.

Board/Committee Memberships: Art Line Champions Group (Current), Board of Directors - IT Summit (Current), President of Unity on the Avenue Church (former), Roxborough Village Board of Directors (former).

Key issues/how address: Transparency in Government, Growth and Impact on Infrastructure, Lack of Parks and Open Space in Ward.

I am a consensus builder and a communicator. I believe in open and honest and forthright communications. I will approach each and every topic and issue presented with an open mind, attain the facts, ask questions and research to fill the gap of knowledge and work hard to bridge both sides of the issues.

Contact:;; 790 Crescent Lane, Lakewood CO 80214;