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Compiled by Jennifer LeDuc

Grant Babb

Time at current address, Jeffco: 8 years; 8 years.

Current/Previous occupation: Owner, Joyride Brewing Co.; Chemical Engineer for various environmentally friendly cleaning companies that support the brewing & food processing industry.

Public Service:

Board of review & appeals, Riverside, OH.

Community Involvement:

President of Edgewater Collective. Our current focus is on investing in our local schools and making sure every child can succeed from cradle to career. Also supporter of ALS, Prostate Cancer Awareness, American Heart Association & Breast Cancer Awareness. Director of Operation Stimulus. Previously VP of Denver Transportation Club.

Key issues/how address:

As an unaffiliated candidate with 15 years of business leadership I will work through the politics to bring everyone to the table to ensure decisions are for the best of everyone in Edgewater. I will ensure the City Council has all the tools & information necessary to make the best decisions for our citizens. Change is inevitable but responsible change is imperative.

Learn from the past. Live in the present. Plan for the future.

Contact:;; 2095 Newland St., Edgewater, CO, 80214.

Laura Keegan

Time at current address, Jeffco: 18 years; since I was a child.

Current/Previous occupation: Writer, Editor; Business owner, Finance director, Office manager.

Public Service: City Council  8 1/2 years, Planning & Zoning Council Liaison

Community Involvement: Co Founder Edgewater Arts Project, bringing culture and arts to Edgewater citizens with minimal or no cost; Co Founder Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater – focusing on family entertainment and highlighting our city to the metro area and beyond; council attendee for 15+ years, Active interest with Parks & Rec.

Board/Committee Memberships: Council Liaison to Planning & Zoning

Key issues/how address:

1. Economic Growth: Continue development of revenue generating properties

maintain balanced budget

2. Conscious Development: Balance community and business. Respect residential community concerns

3. Communications: Ensure citizens are heard.  Open gov. process, working knowledge of issues facing our community, experience and success in solving past issues.

Contact:; 2277 Lamar St. Edgewater CO 80214;

Bonnie McNulty

Time at current address, Jeffco: 50 Years; 54 Years.

Current/Previous occupation: Retired; Administrator/Owner of a Child Placement Agency.

Public Service: Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA); Peer Coordinator, Colorado State Institutional Abuse Review Team (IART), Child Fatality Prevention Review Team, Consultant to the Dept. of Human Services, Colorado State Foster Parent Association: Charter member, National Foster Parent Association Board of Directors member (Governance Chair) Edgewater Optimist Club.

Community Involvement: President of Jefferson County Board of Health - member for 19 years. Appointed to the Urban Drainage.

Key issues/how address:

Key issues for the Mayor are very different than key issues for council members. While I hear a lot of concern regarding Code Enforcement, a stronger police presence, and the redevelopment of R-1 Zone Districts, it is council who creates the legislation to address those issues. As Mayor I feel my key responsibilities are to provide an environment where council can debate the issues, where citizens will be heard, and where Edgewater will have a strong presence beyond our boundaries.

  I have fostered a large network of people throughout the region as a result of my extensive experience with various state and county boards, commissions, and departments. Having served four terms as Edgewater’s Mayor I fully understand what the Mayor can do, and what the Mayor can not do. That understanding is important to providing Council the support they need to serve the community.

Contact:; 2490 Depew St., Edgewater, CO.

Todd Riddle

Time at current address, Jeffco: 20 years this Halloween!; 20 years.

Current/Previous occupation: Transportation Visualization Lead; Creative Director.

Public Service: 1.) 2 Term Mayor Pro-Tem, City Council 2.) Planning & Zoning 3.) Edgewater Redevelopment Authority.

Community Involvement: Former Charter President of the Edgewater Optimist Club – Our goal was to promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs; inspire respect for the law; promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all people; aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world.

Board/Committee Memberships: 1.) Denver Regional Council of Governments Board of Directors 2.) Metro Vision Issues Committee.

Key issues/how address:

• Pedestrian Safety – Exploring traffic calming methods, updating crosswalks, and more enforcement. 

• Land Use –Revisit portions of the Land Use code to address restrictions related to expanding residences.

• Responsible Development – Retain our Edgewater identity by making decisions that are grounded in the City’s values.

While serving two terms as Mayor Pro-Tem I have made thoughtful and informed decisions for the benefit of Edgewater's citizens.

Contact:;; Depew Street, Edgewater CO;