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By Nancy Hahn

The West Colfax Community Association (WCCA) is providing an opportunity for your community organization, civic group or nonprofit to make a positive impact in the West Colfax community through Micro Grants. Micro Grants range from $250 to $1,500. The positive impact of a project could be something that promotes safety, improves the business climate, adds beauty, or educates. The project must, clearly, benefit for the public.

Civic groups, for example, the Rotary or the Optimists and 501(c)(3) nonprofits, like the Action Center, may apply. Neighborhood organizations with great ideas (Two Creeks or Morse Park, for example) are, also, eligible. Local individuals with beneficial ideas and a willingness to see a project through may, also, apply for a grant.

When you walk through West Colfax, what do you notice that you love? What do you notice that could be improved? Maybe, your group has noticed a public area with no benches or bike racks. Is there an open grassy area that would be a perfect place for shoppers to sit in the shade and take a break, if only there was a little table and a few chairs? A brick raised bed full of colorful plants can be, also, a great seating area. Sculptures can be decorative and, also, an opportunity for great photographs. If you are a business owner, you may have an idea that could benefit both business and customers. Bike racks added to a parking area or by the front door of a business are convenient for customers. Public water fountains are splendid on hot summer days, too.

A public school might want to start a school garden or provide a great learning experience for students. Grants could provide students with speakers, demonstrations, or hands-on experiences that will spark imaginations, deepen understanding and encourage lifelong learning. A contest to design public art or an artistic crosswalk could involve students and beautify the neighborhood.

In order to apply for a grant, your group must be willing to see the project through if you receive the grant. You must, also, be willing to provide 25 to 50 percent matching funds. The project must be for the public good. Along with your proposal, you or your group must have a letter of support from a member of the West Colfax Community Association. You must agree to notify the WCCA within 30 days of the completion of the project and send a photograph of the project. To receive the grant the WWCA must feel that your organization has the ability to complete the project. The next grant submission deadline is Sept. 1.

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